NMS 2009


No more Sweden of 2009 starts on Thursday the 16th of July and ends Sunday the 19th.

What is it?

No More Sweden is basically a game jam. We get together, talk about stupid stuff, drink some beers and make a bunch of games.
If they suck it’s still fine, at least we had fun doing it.


The schedule has it’s own post.


Signup is skitenkelt as we say in sweden. Just send an email to signup@nomoresweden.se with the following info:

  • Name
  • Artist name / internet nick
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Website / information on who you are, if that’s not evident
  • If you know when you will arrive, write that too

This mail will go to our automated mailbot Martin and you’ll get a confirmation reply once he’s put you on the list.


Our venue will be MINC in Malmö, Sweden:

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Getting there

The train station is an eight minute walk away. If you are arriving by air there are commuter trains from Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) directly to Malmö train station. Couldn’t be easier.


Attending No More Sweden will be free!

Places to sleep

It will not be possible to sleep at the venue, but there are a bunch of hostels nearby. The local attendees in Malmö will also try to make room for as many people as possible.