The Games

Here are all the games that were submitted to us in a playable form, you can get them individually below or get the entire collection in a zip (48 mb)

Cyan Magenta Sex

Bernhard Schulenburg Download

Jesus vs. Feminist

Champagne (Richard Olsson & Erik Svedäng) Download

Schizophrenic man and a woman

Daniel Starck Download

Mother Sucker

Ex-ex-ex-perimental (Martin Jonasson, Petri Purho) Download

Wave Goodbye

Gummilaget (Tommy Preger) Download

Magic Triangle

Team Hideous (Hideous) Download

Guy in the Desert

“It’s a game about the flight from the inevitable.” Sausage Fest (Jeb, Kinten) No download available

The Madman and a Door

Jon Download

Spirit Horse of the Cherokee

K.N.A. (Kian, Nils, Andreas) Download


Magnus Jönsson Download

Second Shooter

Michael Todd Download

Jack Guzi

Notch (Markus Persson) Download

sa(n)dened envy

One Trullz of Power (Ian Lundbom) Go to site

Really Shooter + Cleaning Lady vs. The Masters of the Universe

Four Dimensons (Joel Nyström, Daniel Remar) Download

Becoming Collosal

Team Awesome (Michael Todd, Daniel Kaplan) Download


Decimal (Anders Ekermo) Download
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7 Responses to The Games

  1. good,thanks!

  2. we are all tired of Sweden. plz no more

  3. but srsly no moar no more Sweden

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  5. Where is R-type 3.14….??? the winner isn’t even available for download? or am i just not seeing it? BTW- indie games are awesome. i stumbled across NMS through crayon physics and petri’s blog.

  6. 1. no R-type watever appears, 2. the main .zip and the jack guzi 1 don’t work and appear to be corrupted or something. i wish australia had something like this… not the bugs though

  7. also, the jesus vs feminist 1 doesn’t open in flash when i click on it

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