rapid fire game presentations

Here’s the best 20 seconds from each game presentation, I made a full edit but it ended up at almost an hour, so it felt like complete overkill. I had to cut the board games because they made no sense when presented that quickly.
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  1. Do you have the talks recorded? That’d be nifty to see

Winners and full game list

be341b54b0d6a5793cf6bd0e387f0c36The top voted game this year with 17% of the votes was BJERN by Kian Bashiri and Maria Norkvist. 1461e92c87ebb2c83289423bb0de470b In second place came I LOVE HORSE by Mårten Brüggemann and Martin Jonasson. 9b8529da664b8a33983d18753f2cc25a The third top voted game was A Fistfull of Blueberries by Emil Nilsson, Martin Rasmusson, Rasmus Jarl and Linus.
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Presenting the games!

cucumberThe jam ends at 12:00! Hand in the games at Unicorn 7. Everyone will have the chance to present their games in front of the audience. After that you will be able to walk around in the venue, try out the games and vote for your favorite. At 15:00 the winner is revealed and we start cleaning up the place.  
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Boat has not sunk

Seems like the boat is actually going between Järntorget and Lindholmen, sorry for the misinformation!
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Speakers and program for Friday

10:00 The venue opens 13:00 No More Sweden 2014 begins, general information and talks
  • Jasmine Lyman – Venue info: What is Collaboratory?
  • Arvi Teikari – Making a Metroidvania: What I Learned
  • Erik Svedäng & Niklas Åkerblad – Else Heart Break: 3 Years Later
  • Joel Nyström – Ittle Dew 2
  • Hugo Bille & Ulf Hartelius – Residue: Too Ambitious?
  • Kjell Håftén – Dataspelsakademin (Videogame Academy), the Automat festival and Others
  • Mårten Brüggemann – Something About Children
  • Niklas Ström – Vomit Crabs
  • Dajana Dimovska – Affordable Space Adventures
  • Jonatan Söderström – Hotline Miami 2
  • Erik Einebrant – Tools at Your Disposal
15:00-ish Forming of groups, pulling words out of a jar, the jam starts!
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It’s only a few days until No More Sweden!!! Don’t forget the pre-party on Thursday evening, we will be at Jerntorgets Brygghus from 18:00. The actual jam starts with talks at 13:00 on Friday but the venue will be open from 10:00. The boat that goes from the venue (station Lindholmspiren) to Järntorget crashed into the pier and is currently suspended. This means that it might be slightly harder to get to and from the jam than was planned. All the buses and some other boats still go though. For travel directions and ticket information, check out www.vasttrafik.se. Also, if anyone still hasn’t arranged with a place to sleep, contact Erik at erik.svedang@gmail.com. The @NoMoreSweden twitter account is also good for any questions you might have. See you all soon!
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Still room for speakers

As previously announced we will have talks on the first day of the event (Friday). We already have a nice lineup but there is definitely room for more, so don’t hesitate to add yourself to the mix. 5 – 10 minutes is a good length, just show something you’re working on or talk about something dear to your heart. Contact hugo@theworkingparts.com if you’re interested!
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Sign up and practical information (2014)

Sign up

There will be room for 60 people this year – sign up here. Please make sure that you know for sure that you can come! The event is free and taking up a spot means someone else can’t go.

Date & Time

We will have a pre-party on Thursday night, 18:00 at Jerntorgets Brygghus (the usual location for the Gothenburg indie beer nights). The actual event will start at Friday, July 18, 13.00 and end at around 17.00 on Sunday, July 20. Here’s a preliminary schedule: Friday 10.00 Event opens, people can drop in 13.00 Intro and talks 16.00 Jam starts Saturday 18.00 BBQ Sunday 12.00 Jam ends, games are shown and played, voting 15.00 Winners are revealed, clean up


As usual there will be a big game jam. No More Sweden is very free form, you can make any kind of game you want and it’s usually easy to team up with people on the spot, right before the jam starts. This year we will have a few different prize categories – more information about this will be presented at the start of the jam. We are also maybe going to have a smaller music jam, just like at the first NMS back in 2008.


It’s time to bring back the talks to NMS! To do this we need speakers, please send an email to Hugo at hugo@theworkingparts.com with the idea, length and title of your talk. The talk should be a maximum of 10 minutes long, recommended time is ~5 minutes. Topics from earlier years fall roughly into one of these categories:
  • Display a cool project you are currently working on (perhaps reveal it for the first time)
  • Teach us about something that you’re passionate about (previous topics has included things like “Hats in videogames” and “Web design for indies”)
  • Rants!


We will be at Collaboratory, a maker space at Lindholmen, Gothenburg. It was opened in 2013 and the people there are doing a lot of good things for the maker culture in the city. They have let us borrow the place for free which is awesome – thanks a lot for that! Other parts of the building are hosting Gothenburg Film Studios and the game company Zoink. The address: Collaboratory Polstjärnegatan 14, floor 2 417 56 Gothenburg Find it on Google Maps.


Gothenburg has two airports, Landvetter (big) and Göteborg City Airport (cheap). There are also train connections from Copenhagen/Malmö and Stockholm. To get to Collaboratory from the Central Station, take a bus (for example no. 16) and get off at the Lindholmen stop. You can also take the boat from Järntorget/Rosenlund for a 5 minute boat ride across the river to Lindholmspiren. The best place to search for public transportation is at www.vasttrafik.se (you can select English up in the right corner of the site)


There are some hostels pretty close to the location but you need to take the boat or bus to get there (since they are on the main city side). For the more luxurious jammer there are some hotels really close to the venue, like this one. A bunch of indie game developers in Gothenburg are up for hosting people at their homes, contact erik.svedang@gmail.com and he can set you up with a contact. The jam site will be open all night but for fire safety reasons we are not allowed to sleep at the venue.


The Lindholmen area has a bunch of restaurants, the closest on is a pizza restaurant on the floor underneath Collaboratory (we are working on direct delivery, apparently there is a secret door…) There is also a big food store around 500 meters from the building. The kitchen at Collaboratory is not as big as the one at Stapeln in Malmö (last year’s location) but good enough for some simple cooking. As usual there will be an outdoor BBQ party at Saturday evening.
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No More Sweden 2014

gbgis No More Sweden 2014 will be held July 18 – 20 at Collaboratory in Gothenburg. More information and a sign-up form will be up on this site soon.
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  1. This might be my first time… So excited :D

    Annalisa Pagnozzi, March 31, 2014 at 16:17
  2. Yes!!! I’m excited too!


  4. Exciting. Have missed this jam too many times. And now when it is in Gothenburg and in Collaboratory, i must go.

  5. Same here! I haven’t been for years, and am definitely going this year!

the games


The Boson
Gavity-based ambient local deathmatch fun!

Hype Snake
Two-player co-operative one-button game

Only Downward
A game about spelunking


Butt of the Hill
Multiplayer butt-knocking arena combat!

PPS – Pixel Person Shooter
Switch from 2D action to 3D FPS in 4-player action mayhem!

Interlocking Visions
4 player cooperative puzzle game for Redgrim’s arcade machine

Bacon sunset
Horror game for an Oculus rift and Xth sense controller. You lost your suitcase under the bacon sunset and the bugs are hungry.

Jessie and Alex – Interstellar Encounters
Collaborative interstellar encounters with dark entities

A cryptic puzzle adventure about communication with sounds

OMNOMNOM Aquarium fun
Four player team-based fish-munching game for the ARCADE MACHINE

Take care of trees, and watch out for cones!

Giant feet, destructible cows!

Sinking Feeling
Dive into the underwater abyss in a race to the bottom

Swim in flying water bubble cubes

Smuggler’s End
Watch out for this Reverse Tower Defense meets Racing game!

Super Milking Galaxy

Traffic Zoom Denial
Italian traffic simulator

Barf Fight
Drink booze and barf it up on your opponent to win!

Color Color and some more Color

Super Ultimate Pirates in Extremly Radiated Spaces
Local 1 vs 1 lander/gravitar/thrust based game

Maze fight
Top-down local multiplayer mayhem in the vein of Bomberman

Moshpit Hero
Fuck this shit.
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